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Saturday, March 29, 2008

How to purchase

Welcome to Yzt~

Kindly go through the procedures on *how to purchase* or email us at am.affairs@gmail.com should you have further enquires^^

*Spree : Collect bulk orders from supplier/overseas seller to split the expensive shipping fees
*Restocking: Overseas seller do not have the stocks but replenishing
*OOS: Out of Stock & supplier/overseas seller will not replenish
*Handling fee: Our charges as the middle man to liaison with supplier/overseas seller
*Waiting Period: Orders will take 2 weeks to 2 months to reach Singapore as each supplier/overseas seller shipping/restocking period varies
*CLOSED & Ordered: Spree closed, do not take in new orders & have emailed supplier/overseas seller
*CLOSED & Shipped: Spree closed, made payment to supplier/overseas seller & they have mailed our orders
*CLOSED & Arrived: Spree closed, orders arrived in Singapore & sorting
*COMPLETED: Spree end. All orders mailed to customers
*CANCELLED: Suppliers/overseas seller reject our orders

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