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Thursday, May 1, 2008

♥♥Discount Scheme♥♥

Hi Gals

As our gesture of appreciation, we are glad to reward all AM.AFFAIRS customers, by introducing you our Discount Scheme!

1. We'll give you a 20% discount off your handling if you accumulate a minimum purchase of SGD$50 (exclusive of shipping and other charges) & more discounts if you purchase more!
2.For every 3 friends you introduce to us, you will get 20% off handling charges. Of course, this is provided that your 3 friends make a purchase with us. All your friends need to do is to QUOTE your NAME when they email us @ AM.AFFAIRS@GMAIL.COM upon placing their orders.

Discount Scheme
Orders Cost S$50.00 , 20% Discount off handling
Orders Cost S$100.00, 30% Discount off handling
Orders Cost S$200.00, 50% Discount off handling + VIP status

VIP members Privileges
- a free gift for each spree you joined
- Enjoy 30% Discount off handling on each spree you joined
(even if you don meet the minimum)
- Enjoy 20% Discount on instocks purchase with our affiliate group, hjon81 Closet
- Waiver of handling fees on all sprees (unlimited) during your birthday month!

Its that simple! So HURRY! What are you waiting for? Spread the word!
**Terms and Conditions are subjected to changes without prior notice.

Madeline & Angel, am.affairs
Chat with us at:
Add us at facebook: yzt_1984@yahoo.com.sg
HK wholesale email: yzt_1984@yahoo.com.sg
Spree Retail email: am.affairs@gmail.com
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