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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

♥♥Old Navy Spree 1♥♥

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Organiser: The AM Affairs (Former yzt & dewdrops)
DUE DATE: 22 June, 2pm
AMENDED DUE DATE: 15 June, 2pm
( Capping at USD 200 )
1-Alencia Qty=2 [Paid]
2-Shirley Qty=2 [Paid]
3-Michelle Qty=1 [Paid]
4-Theresa Qty=0 [Cancelled]
5-Meiling Qty=2 [Paid]
6-Vincent Qty=3 [Paid]

Total: USD 167.90

15/06 Consolidating orders
15/06 Appreciate spree-ers to make paymt at ur earliest convenience
17/06 Ordered
17/06 Made paymt via credit card
19/06 Old Navy shipped our orders
19/06 Tracking no: 1ZF103440332211827
25/06 Orders reached VPOSTUSA
25/06 VPOSTUSA shipped our orders
25/06 Tracking no: VS003325125US
25/06 Shipping fee S$91.20
25/06 Total units: 32
03/07 Orders arrived. Will sort ASAP!
03/07 Appreciate spree-ers to make 2nd paymt b4 arranging meet ups
03/07 Old Navy short mailed 4 items
03/07 Emailed Old Navy regarding the short mailed items
08/07 Old Navy replied they will re-mailed them today
08/07 Emailed affected spree-ers
15/07 Emailed Old Navy again as VPOSTUSA replied they have not received the short mailed parcel
30/07 Old Navy replied they would refunds us on short mailed items
30/07 All refunds to spree-ers will be done this week
30/07 We're sorry for any inconvenience caused
01/08 All refunds done


No. 6 Subject: [Old Navy Spree 1] Vincent Qty=3 (Meet Up)
1) Item code: Men's 2008 Flag Tee (Size XXXL, Dark Sea Blue)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=41034&pid=582674&scid=582674012
Item price:
USD 5.00

2) Item code: Men's Distressed Graphic Tee (Size XXXL, Volcanic Ash)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=5277&pid=582652&scid=582652022
Item price:
USD 8.00

3) Item code: Men's Pullover Logo Hoodie (Size XXXL, Black)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=13984&pid=587459&scid=587459012
Item price:
USD 24.50

-PAID 1st Collection-
To Account POSB Savings
188-00063-0 AM Affairs

Amount SGD$54.38


No. 5 Subject: [Old Navy Spree 1] Meiling Qty=2 (Meet Up)
1) Item code: Woman's Chainlink Thong Jelly Sandals (Size 6, Smoke)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=41293&pid=570922&scid=570922032
Item price:
USD 10.00

2) Item code: Woman's Garment-DyedPin-tucked Cami (Size S, Olive Green)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=41293&pid=572727
Item price:
USD 10.00

-PAID 1st Collection-
To Account POSB Savings
188-00063-0 AM Affairs

Amount SGD$29.00 (Excess S$1.00 offset 2nd paymt)
ATM Transfer w/o reference


No. 3 Subject: [Old Navy Spree 1] Michelle Qty=1 (Meet Up)
1) Item code: Woman's Classic Button front shirt (Size S, Pink Elephant)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=5382&pid=502967&scid=502967102
Item price:
USD 20.00

-PAID 1st Collection-
To Account POSB Savings
188-00063-0 AM Affairs

Amount SGD$29.00
Transaction Reference 1751731276


No. 2 Subject: [Old Navy Spree 1] Shirley Qty=2 (Meet Up)
1) Item code: Woman's Tie-front cardigan (Size L, Black)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=20408&pid=591817&scid=591817012
Item price:
USD 26.50

2) Item code: Woman's Ruffle Cinch-Waist Dress (Size L, Black)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=15292&pid=582411&scid=582411042
Item price:
USD 34.50

-PAID 1st Collection-
To Account POSB Savings
188-00063-0 AM Affairs

Amount SGD$88.45
Transaction Reference 1751736800


No. 1 Subject: [Old Navy Spree 1] Alencia Qty=2 (Meet Up)
1) Item code: Woman's Active Twill Minis (Size XXL, Black)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=41293&pid=579780&scid=579780022
Item price:
USD 19.50

2) Item code: Woman's Printed Sandals (Size 7, Silver)
Item url:http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=37795&pid=521982&scid=521982072
Item price:
USD 9.50

-PAID 1st Collection-
To Account POSB Savings
188-00063-0 AM Affairs

Amount SGD$42.05


NOTE: Yzt & dewdrops merged

our New Name: AM Affairs

Angel will be arranging meet ups with spree-ers
Madeline will be in charge of all queries on spree/orders

Our H/P contact no. will be provided to arrange meet ups
& restricted to sms ONLY!

All spree-ers' orders will be updated on blog in case you forgot your orders/lost our emails.


1) Exchange Rate USD 1.00 = S$1.45

2) Handling fee S$2.00 per item

3) 2 collection of payment

4) Calculation Guide:
Collection 1: Collect item cost before spree close
Collection 2: Collect postage fees when item arrived in Singapore.
USA to Singapore postage fee + Singapore Local postage fee/Meet Up + handling fee

Orders Weight from USA to Singapore based in units:

  • Lingerie item= 1 unit
  • Top = 2 units
  • Dress/Bottoms/Shoes = 4 units

i.e. (estimated)
Collection 1: USD 30 (item cost) *1.45 (exchange rate) = S$43.50
Collection 2A:
S$6.00 (USA to Singapore) + S$1.00 (Singapore Local) + S$2.00 (handling) = S$9.00
Collection 2B:
S$6.00(USA to Singapore) + S$0.00 (Meet up) + S$2.00 (handling) = S$8.00

Refer to link for Singapore Postage Rates:

5) You can opt for the following:

    • Free Normal Post , or
    • Mass meet ups at Toa Payoh/Pasir Ris MRT Control Station when orders arrived.
    • Meet up at other locations can be arranged, however, subjected to our convenience.
    • ALL meet ups usually will be after office hours unless otherwise arranged.

6) Email orders to am.affairs@gmail.com or post comment in the format:

Email Subject: [Old Navy Spree 1] Buyer Name
Item code:

Item url:

Item price:

Mailing address:

H/P or contact no. for meet ups:

From Account POSB Savings

XXX-XXXXX-X Buyer Name
To Account POSB Savings

1188-00063-0 AM Affairs

Amount SGD$XX.XX

Transaction Reference XXXXXXXXX

7)I will confirm your orders ASAP within 3 working days

Actual item may/may not differ, as sizes are estimated & there are variations from computer resolutions/photography lightings effects.

NO PAYMENT = NO ORDERS! Full refunds will be made in the case of out of stocks (OOS)! No cancel of orders once you have made payment!

Spree ends on 22 June, Sunday & all payments must be paid before the due date. Orders will arrived in Singapore at mid of July.

Meet ups will be arranged when orders arrived & we accept payment via POSB IB/ATM transfer/Cash deposit.

Please take part only if you're willing to wait & comfortable with our rules & regulations^^TQ!


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